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You Have Been Phished!!!

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You have fallen victim to an OIA internal phishing campaign hosted by ProNsight, LLC. In particular, you opened an email from an outside source and clicked the link.  At that point you were redirected to this official page to learn more about how to better recognize phishing messages and what to do if you receive a suspicious message in the future. Please contact the Service Desk if you have any questions. 

This is an exercise! Contact the Service Desk if you have any questions about this test.

Service Desk Contact Information: 




Phone: 866-505-9275 

As a Reminder...

How can you protect yourself if you received an unknown email?

  • Do not open any attachments. If you receive an attachment you are not expecting, confirm with the senders that they did indeed send the message and meant to send an attachment.

  • Do not click any links provided in these emails (or cut and paste them into a browser). This may download viruses to your computer, or at best, confirm your email address to phishers. If it is a URL you recognize, type it into a browser.

  • Do not reply, even if you recognize the sender as a well-known business or financial institution. If you have an account with this institution, contact them directly and ask them to verify the information included in the email.

  • Do not enter your personal information or passwords on an untrusted Web site or form referenced in this email. 

  • Report any suspicious messages that claim to be from OIA or contain a suspicious attachment or link to the OIA Information Technology Department.

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